e.g.etal presents an exhibition of contemporary jewellery
designed and handmade by Rhys Turner.

This collection of seventeen rings is

ONE maker, ONE stone,
and most importantly, ONE wearer. 

To see the exhibition in person, visit us at:
167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

For those who cannot visit our gallery, we have created this rich digital showcase to guide you through the exhibition from home, just as we would in person.

We invite you to experience this exhibition in a new way: with mindful introspection, focusing attention on construction, details and the meaning behind the pieces. Just as each ring is made for one gem, this online exhibition is made for one viewer: you.

Every ring is presented with a 360-degree image, so you can take the time to see it from every angle. 

Video by Mark Newbound

In his first ever solo exhibition, Rhys Turner brings to fruition a collection of ideas garnered since he crafted his first piece of jewellery at 14 years old.

“This exhibition is something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve been in the industry professionally for more than 15 years, and I feel like I have an identity now. Even five years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do a solo exhibition.” 

Each of the 17 rings in this collection features a single stone: mostly Australian sapphires. The exhibition’s title, MADE [FOR ONE], is multi-layered, describing the link between one jeweller, gemstone and wearer.


Many of the rings here are realisations of long-held ideas, while some hark back to Rhys’ earliest work, where he challenged himself to use flat pieces of metal to force himself away from traditional round ring shapes.

For this exhibition, Rhys veers away from his familiar symmetrical work, with cantilevers and subtle angles, offset stones and upside-down gems. This drive to push his own boundaries is a defining feature of the collection.

167 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000 Victoria Australia
Gallery open for in-person visits from November 3rd, 2020
MADE [ FOR ONE] an exhibition by Rhys Turner presented by e.g.etal
03 9639 5111